Four Counties Genealogy


​My standard fee is 15 pounds sterling an hour plus the cost of any certificates, photocopies, digital images and postage. I do not charge travelling expenses in most cases within Bedfordshire but I do make a charge for the cost of travel to Record Offices in the counties of Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Huntingdonshire.

I welcome all enquiries. I do not normally charge for an initial appraisal of an enquiry. However, if there is a considerable amount of information to examine then I may need to ask for a small fee to cover my time.

If you decide to proceed further we will then agree upon an budget. Most of my clients indicate how much they wish to spend initially. I then work up to the agreed limit at which point I prepare a report detailing the results of the research completed so far supported by copies of original documents where appropriate. In my report I will also suggest how the research can be progressed further should you decide to continue.

I ask for 50 percent of the fee in advance with the remainder to be paid at the conclusion of the work.