Four Counties Genealogy


I specialise in all types of historical research in the English Counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, 

Northamptonshireand Huntingdonshire. These

are the types of research I usually undertake;


I research families back to the 16th century or even earlier if the records allow. As well as the obvious sources like births, marriages, deaths and census records there are also Parish Registers, Wills, Manorial Records, Estate Records, Enclosure & Tithe records to name just a few. No two families are ever the same so there may be records about your ancestors regardless of whether they were gentry, tradesmen or agricultural labourers.

If you have been researching your family history yourself and you have come to a dead end then perhaps I can bring my professional experience to bear on the problem.

I can arrange for a Family Tree to be drawn up showing your ancestors with names, dates and occupations and even incorporate photographs of your ancestors and buildings associated with them.


I research the history of your house if it has some age to it or other buildings such as farm houses, manor houses, windmills and public houses. There may be records relating to them and to the people that once lived or worked in them.


I research the history of a particular place or location using a wide range of sources to show how it developed over time.


I transcribe, abstract or translate old documents that are difficult to read because they are written in Old English or in Latin.